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Photographers Settle Lawsuit Over Marilyn Monroe Images

Stern will keep the seven transparencies.. In scope of the regulation, admits the Stern photographers mentioned, Donald Penny and Michael Weiss, has done nothing illegal and will give them permission to carry out a limited number of prints from transparencies, Attorney Jamie Brickell announced. Photographer Bert Stern has reached an agreement with the men agreed last year over the possession of seven transparencies of his Marilyn Monroe photographs, according to a lawyer for the defendants.
20.1.09 13:17

Tiger Woods Dubai Earth Works Completed

The Tiger Wood Dubai, a member of Tatweer Dubai, has successfully completed the bulk earth works to 55 million square feet golf community development, allowing the project to progress to the next phase of construction.
20.1.09 13:17

Ashely Tisdale Is A Wildfox Woman

You have entered the competition yet? Ashley is currently recording his sophomore album, due for several years.. Ashley Tisdale makes a quick exit from patys where he had breakfast with his mother Lisa in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. The 23-year-old actress was High School Musical the same sports that Wildfox tee BFF Vanessa Hudgens wore last December.
20.1.09 13:17

R Amp B Chart Movement Kanye West Dethrones Beyonce Rihanna Rises

Good Girl Gone Bad up 19. 300 sacks this. Rihanna sneaks into the Top 10 and an earth. 277. L intuition 33. 100 copies. After 6 weeks on the charts, the album has sold 377. Sent an. Beyonce slides down to a place n. 8. 5 is Akon. Sasha fierce turns 49. 800 this week. 2. Freedom reels in 26. So far, the album has sold 2. 500. Seated at n. 808 Heartbreak closed off 50,400 discs this week, pushing the album total sales of copies 1145300. So far, the album has sold 448. I Am. After 9 weeks on the chart, the album has sold 1585100 copies. 000. 300 units this week. 4. 600 scholarships for this week. 3 is Keyshia Cole. 100 copies. Kanye West take first place on Billboard Top Rap Albums Chart this week. Jamie Foxx stays put an. I scanned 36,800 discs different this week, bringing the album total sales to 539.
20.1.09 13:17

Brandon Greasy Davis Kim Kardashian And One Hot Unknown

1. This rule is wouldnt news, but I have a couple of reasons why his story hours. Having inherited almost $ 5. Brandon Davi, and some unknown Kim Kardashian were spotted out last night. Brandon Davis and his family are possibly dire straights financially. 8 billion (yes, with a billion thats B) seems theyve pissed it all away and can no longer afford their homes. TMZ reports that it is for sale at auction, because they are behind on their mortgage payments! (Link: TMZ) I personally find it very funny. First, let me start that this news. Now, on the most important.
20.1.09 13:17

Katie Holmes And Victoria Beckham Go Commercial

The camera needs to add 10 pounds. Both the ad campaign for Katie Holme shot Miu Miu el Posh posed in underwear campaign Armani were leaked. It been an exciting morning. No joke. Maybe next time. Our thoughts? Katie looks like she died and then came back as a zombie. As far as I live, not we started t. As for Vicky B, good job. If there were a photographer, you d be a second away from her stabbing in the head with a pile of wood (thanks Dwight). Sweet. We believe that made of tinfoil. Because it looks almost healthy. And what did the animals for slaughter come earlier on the set? Enough. As for your face, which is also a little like zombies, but frankly, it is always kind look that way, less shocking. Our only addition would be half-clad David.
20.1.09 13:17

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